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Jean Baptiste, Paris

Jeanbaptiste paris

Mon cher Jean Baptiste, I miss you!
Every time I pass La Défense I think of your loud, irrational irritation as you look at “la Grande Arche.” You get angry because it is so imposing, so modern, so French, and yet it wasn’t designed by you but by… not one, but two Danish architects! But, seriously, my dear J.B., what on earth could you have done about it? It was completed when you were 12 years old, and, even if you were offered the project today, you probably couldn’t do it, what with all your work in Fort de France, Tahiti and Bordeaux. By the way, how are things going with Relais & Chateaux in Martinique? You’ve only been there a week, but I’m sure you already can’t wait to get back to Paris. I don’t know anyone in the world who is as exquisitely Parisian as you are and I love this, just as I love the way you always manage to be so reserved, without neglecting your social commitments, and the way you’re able to accept all those invitations, but without being a party animal. I open your ocean blue wardrobe and I run my fingers through your jackets, your journeys, your shirts and your style...
You always stand out in the crowd....
Je t’aime