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Charles, London

Charles london

He is English, or rather, British.
35 years old, a nomad by inclination, a collector by pleasure, a nose by passion.
A five-star globetrotter, he is always travelling, for a thousand and one reasons.
They say he is a man who lives by his own rules. He defines himself simply as a person.
An all-round education in the most prestigious and aristocratic international schools, but also a commitment to voluntary service. Social but with discretion. Reserved and spontaneous, the friend of many of those who count.
The only real luxury for him is emotion, the only thing worth living for. The sensation of having had unique experiences: from speaking to eclectic intellectuals at exclusive parties to setting off with a backpack to reach that wise old man in a distant land who ten years ago opened up new horizons to him.
Generous: the joy of making others happy is his innermost pleasure.
Cosmopolitan and a polyglot, he cannot stand ordinariness. He has many passions including, obviously, the relationship with nature.
His wardrobe reflects his way of being in the world: nonchalant, but also formal. Exclusive with experimentation, where every decision is studied in detail. In continuous evolution, so that he is at ease in every circumstance.
The accessory is his twist.
Without excesses, in his bag, his accessories are always ready to change his look and they tell us about his lifestyle: never eccentric but rather unique.
He never parts from the amulet-stones he always keeps in the left-hand pocket of his trousers.